retrun to top2004 SMS Annual International Conference

posted on Oct 14 2004


The 2004 SMS Annual International Conference took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My colleagues Christoph Lechner, Franz Kellermanns, and I presented our paper, "Strategic decision making in an uncertain environment: The case of learning alliances in high-tech industries."

retrun to topPaper Nominated for SMS Best Conference Paper Prize

posted on Oct 01 2004

I am happy to announce that our paper was nominated for the Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper Price.

Strategic decision making in an uncertain environment: The case of learning alliances in high-tech industries

Jorge Walter*, Christoph Lechner*, & Franz Kellermanns**

* University of St. Gallen, ** Mississippi State University

Alliance-related strategic decision making within an organization is of paramount importance for the benefits of its strategic collaborations to materialize. In this paper, we empirically examine the strategic decision-making processes within firms related to their strategic alliances as a subgroup of effective alliance management. Specifically, we argue that the decision-making process characteristics rationality, speed, flexibility, and politicality within an organization significantly influence the performance of a firm’s strategic alliances. Our empirical findings from 106 European high-tech firms engaged in strategic alliances largely confirm our argument that a rational-comprehensive and fast decision-making style – in contrast to a more flexible, incremental style – is the appropriate response to the challenges of strategic decision making with respect to collaborative agreements in dynamic industries. Contrary to our expectations, however, this approach has to be balanced with a certain level of decision-making politicality to promote necessary changes and free blocked decisions.

Keywords: Strategic alliances, decision-making processes, organizational learning.