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posted on Sep 19 2005

New Article Published in the Journal of Management 31(5): 719-737

The Lack of Consensus About Strategic Consensus: Advancing Theory and Research

Franz W. Kellermanns*, Jorge Walter**, Christoph Lechner***, & Steven W. Floyd**

* Mississippi State University, ** University of Connecticut, *** University of St. Gallen

The purpose of this article is to describe the theoretical and methodological reasons for the inconsistent findings on the value of strategic consensus. This analysis suggests the need for (a) definitions of consensus that align the locus and content of agreement with the study context and theoretical premises; (b) measures of consensus that take account of locus as well as differences in how the content of strategy is perceived by top-, middle-, and lower-level managers; (c) research designs wherein assumptions about the locus and content of consensus govern the choice of antecedents; and (d) more consistent use of moderators.

Keywords: Strategic consensus; consensus decision making; strategic decision making

For a copy of this paper, see here.

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posted on Aug 31 2005


After my year as postdoc at New York University's Stern School of Business, I have accepted a one-year appointment as assistant professor in residence at the University of Connecticut's School of Business. I will be teaching the capstone courses in strategic management at the undergraduate level and the MBA level.