retrun to topUpcoming Symposium at the 2009 AOM Annual Meeting

posted on Mar 20 2009

My colleague Daniel Z. Levin and I are happy to announce the upcoming symposium we just got accepted at the 2009 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL:

"Decay, death, and rebirth of networks and network ties."

Participants: Jason P. Davis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ranjay Gulati (Harvard University), SÚrgio Lazzarini (IBMEC, Sao Paulo), J. Keith Murnighan (Northwestern University), Ray E. Reagans (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Todd R. Zenger (Washington University-St. Louis).

For more information, check the AOM Website.

retrun to topNew York Times Article on Facebook

posted on Mar 15 2009

Since I'm recently doing some research on reconnecting dormant ties (see the previous posts from Aug 13, Apr 10, and Mar 20), a colleague sent me this interesting article:

The author contrasts the ever increasing number of 35-54 year-old users--and their main interest to reconnect with old acquaintances--with the way Facebook may profoundly change the way young people create their adult identity...

retrun to topAsia Study Tour

posted on Mar 08 2009


I just returned from a week in Tokyo where I joined my Master of International Management (MIM) students on the first part of their Asia Study Tour.

And it was an amazing experience, both personally and professionally. The program mixed lectures by Japanese managers on Japanese business history and production methods (just-in-time etc.) and company visits with social events, like a dinner with MIM alumni at a traditional Japanese restaurant

Check out the MIM website for more information.

Thanks to Cliff Allen and Jeff Millard for their generous invitation!