retrun to top2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting

posted on Aug 08 2010


From August 6-10, the 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting took place in Montreal, Canada. Under the conference theme "Dare to care," my colleagues Daniel Levin (Rutgers University) & Melissa Appleyard (Portland State University) presented our paper:

  • "Trusted bridging ties: A dyadic solution to the brokerage-closure dilemma."
  • For more information, check the AOM Website.

    retrun to topOrganization Science Article Forthcoming

    posted on Aug 04 2010

    New Article Forthcoming in Organization Science:

    Dormant ties: The value of reconnecting

    Daniel Z. Levin*, Jorge Walter**, J. Keith Murnighan***

    * Rutgers University, ** The George Washington University, *** Northwestern University

    The social networks literature suggests that ties must be maintained to retain value. In contrast, we show that reconnecting dormant ties—former ties, now out of touch—can be extremely useful. Our research prompted Executive MBA students to consult their dormant contacts about an important work project; outcomes compared favorably to those of their current ties. In addition, reconnecting previously strong ties led to all of the four benefits that are usually associated with either weak ties (efficiency and novelty) or strong ties (trust and shared perspective). These findings suggest that dormant relationships—often overlooked or underutilized—can be a valuable source of knowledge and social capital.

    Keywords: Social capital, tie strength, knowledge transfer

    For a copy of the article, please see here.

    retrun to topNew Position at The George Washington University

    posted on Aug 01 2010


    After four both personally and professionally rewarding years at Portland State University, my family and I recently transferred back to the East Coast where I will start my new position at The George Washington University.

    I'm thrilled to work at this Top 50 school and to enjoy the perk to be so much closer to family now...