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posted on Aug 28 2012


Growing up way too fast...

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posted on Aug 13 2012

New Article Forthcoming in R&D Management:

The influence of firm and industry characteristics on returns from technology licensing deals: Evidence from the U.S. computer and pharmaceutical sectors

Jorge Walter*

* The George Washington University

This study examines the relationships between firm and industry characteristics and firmsí abnormal stock-market returns accompanying the announcement of technology licensing deals. In particular, I examine the fit between firmsí licensing activities, their resource endowments, and their industry context, and develop hypotheses on its impact on abnormal stock-market returns after licensing deals. Analysing eleven years of inward and outward licensing transactions in the U.S. computer and pharmaceutical industries between 1990 and 2000, I find support for my argument that while firms profit from both inward and outward licensing, the magnitude of such profits is determined by licensing firmsí resource endowments, and that these determinants have a different impact in different industry contexts. Understanding these relationships helps explain when firms should use licensing to exploit their proprietary technologies and make better predictions about the impact of licensing transactions on firm performance.

Keywords: Technology licensing, abnormal stock-market returns, industry comparison.

For a copy of this article, see here or contact me.

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posted on Aug 02 2012


This year's Academy of Management Annual Meeting took place from August 3-7 in Boston, MA. Under the conference theme "The Informal Economy," my colleagues and I presented in the following sessions:

  • "Deeds that help and words that hurt: Helping and gossip as moderators of LMX to advice network centrality" with Berrin Erdogan & Talya N. Bauer (both Portland State University);
  • "Exclusivity in biotech licensing deals: What makes licensors restrict their options?" with Ted A. Khoury (Portland State University) & Erin Pleggenkuhle-Miles (University of Nebraska); and
  • "Publish or perish goes global: International scholarsí strategies for publishing in top journals." Professional Development Workshop organized by Corinne Post (Lehigh University) & Cerdin, Jean-Luc (ESSEC Business School).
  • For more information, check the AOM Website.