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posted on Apr 24 2013

cupcakeThanks to my students from Delta Sigma Pi for nominating me!

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posted on Apr 15 2013

Just received notice that one of our submissions to this year's SMS Conference has received a nomination for the SMS Best Conference Paper Award:

Experience, negotiation leverage, and their effects on exclusivity in technology licensing agreements

Theodore A. Khoury*, Jorge Walter**, & Erin G. Pleggenkuhle-Miles***

* Portland State University, ** The George Washington University, *** University of Nebraska at Omaha

Technology licensing represents a complex area of interfirm contracting due to the highly idiosyncratic nature of these transactions. Focusing on the most valuable, yet often contentious, contractual feature in technology licensing transactions—exclusivity—we examine the differential influence of licensors’ prior experience with out-licensing versus in-licensing technologies. Our study builds on foundational transaction-cost research and develops a theoretical framework explaining whether or not licensors are likely to realize non-exclusive deal outcomes as a function of accumulated licensing experience, and when partner- or market-specific conditions dampen or accentuate the effects of such experience. Leveraging a 26-year sample of 2,664 bioscience-licensing transactions and a novel theoretical framework that accounts for the conditions of negotiation leverage within these unique transactions, we examine how exclusivity provisions vary across technology licenses.

Keywords: Technology licensing; licensing experience; exclusivity; transaction costs; partner prominence; strategic alliances; bioscience industry

For a copy of this article, please contact me directly.

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posted on Apr 09 2013


Thanks to all the doctoral students for nominating me again this year!

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posted on Apr 05 2013


Whether or not you're in academia, it is worth reading

Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?,

a fascinating New York Times Magazine article featuring Adam Grant, one of the most prolific professors in management.

Especially rewarding for my co-authors and me is that the article mentions our "Dormant Ties" paper published in 2011 in Organization Science...