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posted on Mar 28 2014

A new research project I'm involved in will be included in the Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Meeting, this time for the 2014 Meeting in my wife's hometown Philadelphia, PA:

Formal and informal controls as complements or substitutes? The role of the task environment

Markus Kreutzer*, Laura Cardinal**, Jorge Walter***, & Christoph Lechner*

* University of St. Gallen, ** University of Houston, *** The George Washington University

This study contrasts the substitution logic advanced by the traditional organizational control view with the complementarity logic inherent in the more recent, holistic organizational control view. In particular, we examine whether formal and informal behavior and outcome controls act as complements or substitutes for each other in their influence on performance outcomes, and whether any such interaction will be stable across different organizational contexts or subject to contextual contingencies. Our empirical findings from an analysis of 184 strategic initiatives conducted by firms across a variety of industries provide broad support for the holistic view and the positive impact of a complementary use of formal and informal behavior control as well as formal and informal outcome control on initiative performance. While the former is stable for all degrees of exploration, the latter is more pronounced in the context of lower degrees of exploration. Our study thus contributes to a more nuanced understanding of organizational control.

Keywords: Control theory, organizational control, informal control, complementarity, strategic initiatives, degree of exploration

For a copy of this paper, please contact me directly.

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posted on Mar 15 2014

Odyssey of the Mind 2014Like all good things, this year's Odyssey of the Mind has come to an end. But what an end it was! Our team gave an awesome performance at today's tournament! The kids were truly at their best and they simply blew the judges away. As their coaches, Sam and I are really proud of our team and all that the kids have accomplished..