retrun to topUS Citizenship

posted on Jun 20 2018


After living, studying, and working in the United States since I arrived in Philadelphia almost 15 years ago, today, I became a naturalized citizen of this great country!

retrun to topStrategic Management Society Planning Meeting in Oslo

posted on Jun 10 2018


Together with my fellow IG Track Chairs, I am attending the back end of the SMS Special Conference in Oslo, and we just finalized the program for the SMS 38th Annual Conference in Paris.

Thanks to Niko Pelka and his team for hosting another very productive meeting!

retrun to topSophia's 5th Grade Promotion Speech

posted on Jun 08 2018


Still can't believe I had to miss Sophia's 5th grade promotion ceremony for my Oslo trip--especially since she was selected as a student speaker sharing her reflections on her time at elementary school and the transition to middle school.

So proud of all you have accomplished already, Sophia, and of the person you've become!

retrun to topEnd of Spring Soccer Season 2018

posted on Jun 02 2018

spring soccer 2018

Congratulations to the "Zombie Dragons" for a successful (and almost undefeated!) Spring soccer season. Sophia came back after a few seasons off and played better than ever!